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Shareholder Disputes

There's always a dissenter in the group. That’s especially true when it comes to shareholders in a company which can lead to shareholder disputes. In many cases, disputing and deadlocked equal shareholders turn to the judicial system for dispute resolution and assistance. We can prepare business valuations relevant to shareholder dissent or oppression actions. We also provide support for alternative shareholder dispute resolution methodologies. Plante Moran’s Forensic Accounting and Valuation Services team consists of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing superior client service.

Specific services in shareholders dispute circumstances include the following:
  • Valuing the subject business interest 
  • Analysis of economic terms and conditions provided in shareholder agreements 
  • Recommendations as to the timing and structure of a buyout to accommodate cash flow considerations and minimize the tax impact of the transaction 
  • Consultative assistance to counsel in preparation for trial and depositions 
  • Calculation of appropriate lack of marketability and minority discounts related to a particular business interest 
  • Review of business valuation reports prepared by other experts 
  • Measurement of economic impact of violations of non-compete agreements 
  • Support for the use of various alternative shareholder dispute resolution methodologies 
  • Determination of market compensation for shareholder-employees 
  • Calculation of economic damages