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Plante & Moran will Improve your workforce — and improve your competitive advantage.

Human Capital Services

Help selecting and retaining the staff you need to thrive

The way your human resource department (HR) manages can have a huge impact on your organization. You can turn to our human capital management consultants to develop an HR strategy that will ensure you have the leaders and innovative, service-oriented staff you need to thrive. Our human resource consulting team includes industrial psychologists, personnel evaluation experts, lawyers, employee benefits consultants, compliance specialists, and CPAs.

As you put together your human capital management strategy for the next few years, they will be able to help you develop a model and make a business case for your plans as well as implement them. 

Succession planning

For instance, if you are like many of the nation’s organizations, because your executives are nearing retirement age, you will need to find new leadership talent. Our human resource management services can help you answer questions, like: Should you promote within or recruit? What are some of the personal traits you should be looking for? What management style fits your culture?

Besides helping you answer these questions, you can depend on collaboration between our leadership development professionals and employee benefits consultants to ensure a smooth transition. Good benefits planning can protect against a scenario where the CEO retires and his executive committee quickly follows. 

Be an attractive employer

This is a good time to recruit top talent who will help you find new approaches and creative ideas. At the same time you don’t want to lose the exceptional talent you have. And if you are like many organizations and you are acquiring weaker companies to boost your market share, you need to merge cultures and talent.

Again, our human capital consulting team can help.

Our employee benefits consultants can help create employee incentive- and retention-based programs to attract and retain the talent you need to succeed. You can depend on them to design programs that recognize employees for their contributions essential to your success, while at the same time preventing them from going to work for your competition.

You will appreciate the ability of our employee benefits and human resource consultants to make sure your benefit packages are having the effect you want. They can help you determine if your human capital costs produce the expected and desired results. 

Merging talent successfully

If your organization is merging or acquiring a new business, our personnel assessment team can also help you assess the management team in the acquired business and help organize the right management team to lead after a merger.

They can help you determine who has the right attitudes toward change and new policies, who will accept a new way of doing business, and who has the right personality to work collaboratively on the new management team.

Our human capital consulting team can help you develop a reasoned human capital strategy for retaining your top talent, taking advantage of available new talent, and assembling and training a staff that will lead you into a successful future.

Employee Benefits Consulting

While an organization's employees are often described as its most valuable resource, management has come to realize that people, not capital, machinery, or bricks and mortar, are the key to creating competitive advantage. In this knowledge age, people are the driving force behind productivity and profitability.

We understand the importance of people to achieve business results and the need to effectively focus, energize and reward employees to perform at their best.

Talent & Organizational Development

Most top organizations understand that having the right people in the right place contributes to the overall success of the company. Unfortunately, organizational concerns such as high turnover, low employee morale, resistance to change, and performance issues can prevent organizations and individuals from realizing their greatest potential.

Plante Moran’s talent and organizational development team assessed not only our HR department, but the individuals within it. It caused us to re-evaluate the composition of that department and we made a number of changes. We could not be the organization we are today if we hadn’t made those changes. From a CEO’s perspective, it is really nice to have a neutral and objective assessment that will pick up things you might miss.

Michael Poulos, CEO
Michigan First Credit Union