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Improving Team Effectiveness

Creating high performing teams is a key component driving organizational success. Our team effectiveness services focus on enhancing communication, productivity, and decision making. 

Team development off-sites

The team development off-site program is typically used to improve team effectiveness by enhancing individual and team understanding of communication styles. In order to do this, we ask that each of the team members complete some online testing prior to the off-site.

At the off-site, which is usually a one-day event, the individual results are interpreted and used to promote better communication styles with the members. In addition, we use real examples of problems or conflicts that are currently issues with the team members and facilitate a dialogue in which the team members can practice their communication skills. This is done with the help of a trained psychologist who can help coach the individuals into having a constructive, non-confrontational exchange that is focused on problem-solving. 

Customized team interventions

Customized team interventions are typically used when a more in-depth look at team functioning and dynamics is needed to resolve team issues. We use a team survey, developed by Plante Moran psychologists, and add customized questions concerning your specific organization and team. We conduct interviews with your team members and then create team-level and individualized reports on the findings.

For each team member, we provide constructive, individualized feedback. In addition, we conduct a consultative meeting with key individuals in order to promote positive change in the team. This meeting may or may not include each team member, as this is determined by the results of the surveys. After the feedback sessions, a follow-up meeting is also held to track improvement and to lend any additional guidance.

Plante Moran’s talent and organizational development team assessed not only our HR department, but the individuals within it. It caused us to re-evaluate the composition of that department and we made a number of changes. We could not be the organization we are today if we hadn’t made those changes. From a CEO’s perspective, it is really nice to have a neutral and objective assessment that will pick up things you might miss.

Michael Poulos, CEO
Michigan First Credit Union