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Organization Development

Organization-wide analyses are conducted to identify and assess issues such as organizational culture, readiness for change, employee morale, and turnover. Based on the results of these assessments, projects, such as a performance management system or a change management initiative, may be recommended. 

Organizational culture assessments

In order to assess organizational culture, we have two approaches. In one approach, we use a valid and reliable culture survey. The key factors in the survey have been linked to high-performing organizations, and understanding the areas where an organization may fall short is the first step toward improving organizational culture and optimizing performance. Along with these standardized test questions, we can also add customized items to address the specific cultural components of your organization.

Another approach that we use is to take a more in-depth look at your organization through methods including observation, interviews, and surveys customized to your organization. This method helps us to get a better understanding of the specific cultural aspects that are unique to your organization. We recommend using both approaches in order to better assess the specific areas of focus your organization should target for improvement. 

Change management

From rapidly increasing technological advances to the global workforce, organizations are faced with more changes than ever before. In order to succeed, organizations must be flexible, proactive, and resilient enough to manage change.

In a change management project, we partner with organizations to successfully implement change to achieve desired business results and company culture. A need for change management can be driven by mergers and acquisitions, operations and process reengineering, productivity improvement, and quality improvement.

The success of any change, whether it's for an acquisition or quality improvement, relies upon the leadership and culture of a company. In a change management project, we assess the current leadership and culture of the organization, and help promote positive change in the areas most needed for your organization. 

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Prior to an acquisition or merger, we assess the risks and strengths of an organization’s leadership and culture.
  • During the acquisition or merger, we can help assimilate the organizations into one culture, philosophy, and leadership style.


Organizational improvements

For improvements, such as process or quality, we assess the current organizational practices and work with key individuals in formulating the most efficient and effective strategies for improvement and cooperation between all involved parties.

  • We assess the organizational conditions and environment prior to the change.
  • We develop a plan for successful implementation of the change.
  • We work with the leaders of the company on communication strategies to build trust and buy-in with the individuals throughout the organization.
  • Finally, we work with the organization to define and track success.


Performance management

Performance appraisals or evaluations are generally based on an individual employee’s performance. Performance management expands the focus of performance to include team and department level performance, as well the success or issues involved with projects, products, or processes within the organization. Ultimately, the goal of the performance management systems is to align these components to achieve a healthy, thriving organization.

As there are many aspects of the performance management process, our consultants can help your organization with whatever level of need that you have, whether it's coaching on how to give performance appraisal feedback, to designing and implementing a total performance management system. Here are some examples of the services that we provide:

  • Job analyses of positions to determine the core qualifications needed to successfully perform the job.
  • Customizing performance appraisals and performance management systems for your company.
  • Consultation on how to implement and drive the performance management process.
  • Counsel on how to effectively and objectively evaluate employees.
  • Coaching on how to deliver feedback.
  • Person needs analyses: identifying the gaps in personal performance and identifying the development plan or training that individual may require.
  • Organizational needs analyses: identifying the current and ideal future state of the organization and devising a performance improvement plan to reach your organization’s goals.

Plante Moran’s talent and organizational development team assessed not only our HR department, but the individuals within it. It caused us to re-evaluate the composition of that department and we made a number of changes. We could not be the organization we are today if we hadn’t made those changes. From a CEO’s perspective, it is really nice to have a neutral and objective assessment that will pick up things you might miss.

Michael Poulos, CEO
Michigan First Credit Union