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Skills Training

Behavioral-based interviewing

The behavioral-based interviewing training is a one-day workshop designed and conducted by experienced professionals in the field of psychology. The program, which can be customized to your specific organization, features a brief discussion on the merits of behavioral interviewing, an informational film, and hands-on training on how to write and use behavioral-based interview questions.

Some benefits of behavioral-based interviewing compared to traditional interviewing include:

  • Organizations make better hiring decisions.
  • Specific interview questions are created that target important behaviors for successful job performance
  • It becomes more difficult for candidates to “fake” their responses during interviews.
  • The interview process is more legally defensible.
  • Hiring decisions are based upon important job related data.

Conflict management

The Conflict Management training is designed and held by experienced Plante Moran psychologists. The program gives an overview of some tools and techniques that all employees, from line-staff to executive positions, can benefit from.

Why Conflict Management?

  • Studies show that managers can spend between 25-50 percent of their time managing conflict. This results in a lot of wasted time and money.
  • Conflict, defined as existing when two parties have incompatible goals, is neither good nor bad. Instead, the way conflict is handled can be positive or negative.
  • This workshop gives individuals insight into their own conflict management tendencies.
  • The workshop also includes tips on avoiding negatively handling conflict, and also on preventing the conflict from escalating.

Plante Moran’s talent and organizational development team assessed not only our HR department, but the individuals within it. It caused us to re-evaluate the composition of that department and we made a number of changes. We could not be the organization we are today if we hadn’t made those changes. From a CEO’s perspective, it is really nice to have a neutral and objective assessment that will pick up things you might miss.

Michael Poulos, CEO
Michigan First Credit Union