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You can depend on our experienced international consultants to use industry-specific tools to facilitate information collection and speed you toward solutions. The way they detail their responses will ensure your success.

International Business Consulting

Whether you want to optimize your international operations or you are looking for expansion opportunities and need due diligence or independent advice, our consultants will bring a valuable mix of experience and fresh ideas to help you make informed decisions. Because we have an industry-based service delivery model, you can expect our consultants to deliver perspective, insights, and solutions based on experience with numerous organizations like yours.

For decades, the Plante Moran International Business Consultant team has worked on behalf of our clients to find the very best solutions. We built our knowledge by personally traveling the globe, by building our connections and by holding our partner firms accountable.  We proudly display our passports as a point of distinction.  No group has travelled more extensively, or worked more closely in the markets in which our clients are active – including at the partner level – than the Plante Moran International Team.

In our numerous engagements across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America, our extensive working relationships, connections and experiences are consistently used to build our knowledge base to benefit our future clients.

In many areas around the world where we have a large concentration of clients, we maintain Plante Moran offices, including firm-owned and operated offices in China, India and Mexico.  These international offices provide hands-on experience and local expertise.  Our professionals speak the local language, understand the business customs and culture and are ingrained in the local business community.   Additionally, members of the Plante Moran team visit clients and their parent companies in Europe, South America, Canada and Asia multiple times a year.

International strategy

Plante Moran’s international business services team has used its proven global assessment process to helped hundreds of companies position themselves in the global marketplace. The process helps them look at risks and opportunities, evaluate their options, and define a business case.

Investment implementationWhether you are a foreign company seeking opportunity in the United States or a U.S. company entering the international market, our professionals roll up their sleeves and are actively involved in helping you succeed. Our team of experienced engineers, accountants, operational leaders, and tax experts has completed hundreds of international projects over the past two decades. Our foreign investment implementation also includes: joint ventures, greenfields, strategic alliances, and acquisitions.

Due diligence: When you’re looking at a joint venture, a strategic alliance, or an acquisition, you will benefit from the due diligence process that the international team has developed. You can depend on their assessment and comprehensive analysis to mitigate risk, to ensure a healthy return on investment, and get the deal closed.

Global Sourcing Strategy: In this economic environment, companies should regularly revisit their supplier development program as well as put a process in place to monitor the members of their supply chain. With in-country experts in the Far East, Mexico, and India and business relationships and alliances in 96 countries, our global business solutions consultants are perfectly positioned to help you are make good choices and ensure the viability of your suppliers.

Site Selection: Whether you are a foreign investor seeking a perfect location in the United States or a U.S. investor looking for the right spot to locate your business outside of the country, you can rely on the site location experts on the international consulting team for help. They will take the time to understand your international strategy so that they can find the sites that best meet your needs. They also can help you negotiate leases or contracts on the facilities and when appropriate leverage tax incentives. In other words they offer a turn-key solution to site selection.

Management Consulting

Risk Management: These are uncertain times with civil unrest cropping up in major cities round the world month after month, continuing threats of war, and currency rates always up for discussion. Never has it been more important to have a strong enterprise risk management (ERM) program.

Internal Audit: Central to risk management is a strong internal audit process. Businesses in nearly every industry around the world rely on our auditors for internal control assessments and reviews. Our professionals use a tried and true proprietary method to help you make technical and strategic decisions.

Sarbanes Oxley & J-SOX: Our consultants can help your organization find added value in Sarbanes-Oxley and J-Sox compliance. They can help you use the data you develop to provide valuable operational insights that can result in cost savings and improved management.

Interim Financial & Tax Services: We can support your financial processes while providing compliance and business decision resources. If you are starting a new venture or restructuring existing organizations, our accounting and Financial Support Services team can provide the highly skilled and experienced staff you need to work on policies, procedures, and accounting system implementations.

Corporate Finance

Investment Funding: Plante Moran has an extensive network and strong relationships with an array of capital providers including senior lenders, mezzanine investors, private equity sponsors, and other financial sources. From growth capital to leveraged buyouts to recapitalizations, our corporate finance professionals rely on deep industry expertise and a structured approach to guide you through each phase of the capital raising process.

Mergers & Acquisitions: The corporate finance professionals on our international team have developed a value optimization assessment process designed to help you assess your financial and strategic options and create a course of action to enhance your company's value. The strategic assessment process helps you consider both your personal and business objectives based on your company

IT Consulting

Information Technology: When you expand globally, it is imperative that your information technology and infrastructure be able to handle the transition. The IT consultants on our international team can help you design processes, access knowledge, and provide the connectivity your employees, your business partners and your customers need to work productively. They also can secure the systems and networks that you depend on so that you can assure users of the integrity and of the information.

ERP Consulting: International expansion of your business can mean many new business challenges. ERP selection and implementation is critical to keep your business running smoothly both in your home office and wherever international expansion takes your team. Plante Moran’s ERP team can guide your organization in selecting the most appropriate strategic alternatives as well as quickly identifying the credible ERP solutions that you should evaluate.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Employee matters become particularly complex for international companies. Our employee benefits and talent & organizational development consulting teams can work hand in hand to help you select and retain the people you need to make your enterprise a success.

Our Employee Benefits Consultants can help you with retirement plans and approaches to executive compensation that will align your company objectives with your human resource strategies.

Health & Welfare:
Plante Moran Group Benefit Advisors II, LLC (PMGBA) is a diverse group of consultants that specializes in healthcare benefits. We help employers with their sponsored medical, dental, disability, life and other group insurance plans.

Talent & Organizational Development:
Our talent & organizational development team can help you assess candidates and provide them coaching and onboarding so they are more assured of success.