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Lean Enterprise

Being lean means eliminating waste and increasing profitability

Anytime is a good time to implement a “lean” manufacturing process, but in economically challenging times, lean becomes even more important. In most cases it will have an immediate and sustainable impact on your bottom line.

Plante & Moran can help you with a menu of profit-enhancing techniques including:

  • Plant consolidation
  • Six Sigma
  • Quality systems
  • Lean/Toyota production systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Ending customer-mandated containment
  • Cost reduction
  • Performance measurement
  • Product & process development and launch

You can depend on our trusted "lean" manufacturing consultants and proven “lean” techniques to help you expend less human effort, inventory, and lead time so that you become highly responsive to customer demand, while producing top quality products in less time and at less cost. Our experienced operations improvement consulting team will identify and eliminate waste in every area of production and warehousing at your organization. 

Put our multidisciplinary team to work for you

Lean manufacturing consultants, experienced managers, and engineers, who understand the manufacturing and distribution industry, are on our operations improvement team. We have worked with more than 1,000 manufacturers and 200 distributors. They will put the lessons learned from working with them to work for you. However, they realize that every client is unique, so they will design and build a sustainable “lean” manufacturing system specific to your needs.

Our lean manufacturing process includes reducing waste and cost in: 

  • Product/Process design and launch 
  • Your supply chain 
  • Production processes 
  • Material management 
  • Distribution/Logistics

The operations improvement team helps with all aspects of lean manufacturing implementation, including product development process, APQP, launch, and steady state build out. They can also provide field staff to fill temporary voids in management and engineering positions. 

Study shows opportunity to double productivity

During a recent project for a distribution warehouse client, data revealed that orders were only being worked on 38 percent of the cycle time (order receipt to loading). Six percent of the time was wasted while people dealt with problems. The remaining 56 percent of the cycle time, the orders sat idle. Therefore, we uncovered a way for the client to double its capacity without increasing its costs. For another client, we were able to improve efficiency enough so that the plant could deliver an improved product at the same time that it totally eliminated the third shift.