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Operational Effectiveness
When you engage our management consultants you will appreciate the years of experience they have gained helping organizations of all sizes thrive beyond their expectations.

Operational Effectiveness

Our management consultants bring a successful track record helping organizations with their internal operations

When you engage our management consultants you will appreciate the years of experience they have gained helping organizations of all sizes thrive beyond their expectations. Our team includes specialists in operations analysis & process improvement, restructuring, and strategic planning.

They often begin their operations consulting relationships by helping clients benchmark their operations against their peers. During that process, you will appreciate the depth of industry knowledge our management consultants bring to your project. In many cases we maintain proprietary databases and can quickly compare you against your peers in areas like pricing, operations, human resource statistics, and financial performance. 

Data-driven decision making

You can depend on our management consultants to give you the information you need to make good decisions. They will gather data quickly because they know your success depends on reasoned, timely responses to changes in your markets, opportunities to expand, and other events that cause you to re-evaluate your strategies.

Our clients describe our management consultants as “strong on theory and hands-on experience.” You will appreciate that many of our operations consultants were business executives or entrepreneurs prior to joining Plante & Moran.

In other words, when our management consultants help you with strategic planning, you can be sure you will end up with realistic, actionable plans. And they can collaborate with their colleagues in the firm to help you implement your plans. 

Operations improvement

If part of your strategy is to increase profitability, our experienced operations improvement consulting team can help you identify and eliminate waste as well as come up with cost reduction strategies in every area of your organization, so that you can expend fewer resources and less time and human effort while improving quality and services.

If you need to quickly and dramatically impact cash flow and your bottom line, our seasoned operations restructuring experts can quickly assess your operations and execute a plan to get you back on track to profitability.

To ensure a healthy bottom line, it is always important to focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. You can depend on our experienced operations consulting team to help.

Operations & Process Improvement

Plante Moran's Operations Improvement team can help you implement business improvements to reduce costs and continue to improve your performance and boost your bottom line. We tailor our approach to your specific needs.


We craft effective, practical strategies with particular strength in the automotive sector. We help you develop a strategy, plus we help you evaluate the attractiveness of a market you might be thinking of entering.

Restructuring & Transformation Services

Our restructuring and transformation specialists will help you look at the big picture, including cost estimating and cost reduction strategies, employee productivity, quality issues, inventory control, health care, logistics, information technology, and more. Because they are part of a large firm, they also can turn to their colleagues in operations improvement to find ways for your company to quickly trim costs and improve performance.