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Market Segmentation Assessment

Before you enter a new market segment, let us do your homework

Perhaps you’re already successful in one segment and are preparing to enter another one. Perhaps you’re considering buying a company that’s in a different market segment.

Plante Moran will conduct a comprehensive assessment for you, beginning with primary and secondary research to learn:

  • Who are the customers in this segment?
  • Who are the chief competitors and what is their market share?
  • Who are the suppliers to this segment?
  • How do they buy?
  • What are the general market trends?
  • What are the technical trends?
  • How big is this market segment?
  • Are the drivers positive or negative?
  • What are the investment requirements in order to stay competitive?
  • Will government regulations affect this segment?

This market assessment is comprehensive, thorough and impartial. It will give you all the facts you need to make a sound business decision. We, of course, will include our recommendation for entry or avoidance.


“Plante & Moran has assisted us with a multitude of services, from auditing to manufacturing consulting to strategic planning to family and estate planning. Regardless of our needs, they bring a level of intelligence to every situation; they’re consummate professionals.

In the role of manufacturing consulting, they’ve served as consultants to our board of directors. In addition, we’ve participated in several benchmarking studies conducted by both Plante & Moran and the Precision Metalforming Association; those studies have been extremely helpful, not only in terms of benchmarking the Su-Dan Company but also in helping us fulfill our QS and TS certification requirements.”

Dennis Keat
The Su-Dan Company