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Our tax advisors routinely combine their collective industry knowledge and experience so we can offer you exceptional ideas, problem solving, and developments related to your particular areas of interest.

Business Tax

Help finding your best tax position

Are you confident that your tax consultants have the knowledge and expertise to provide the optimal level of strategic planning and compliance services to put you in the best position within this complicated tax environment? Knowing your business, understanding your expectations, anticipating problems, and proposing solutions to help you achieve your goals, while effectively addressing your tax-related issues, is a priority for our tax advisors. History has taught us that integrated business tax consulting services provide greater efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. Our tax advisors routinely combine their collective industry knowledge and experience so we can offer you exceptional ideas, problem solving, and developments related to your particular areas of interest.

Our federal services include:

Planning: For many, income tax planning and preparation means making sure their accountants have their returns out before April 15. For you, it should mean proper planning not only for April, but also throughout the year. Our tax planning experts can help minimize your personal and business tax liabilities.

Compliance: We are your source for a complete range of tax compliance services and tax experts specializing in S Corporations, C Corporations, partnerships, and consolidated returns. You can expect our tax consultants to be on top of legislative requirements and changes.

Not-for-profit: There will be many interested parties scrutinizing the way not-for-profits respond to the revised Form 990. Washington wants to see a higher level of accountability and transparency. Your community, the media and others including donors will be very interested in the story your Form 990 tells about your commitment to your mission. Our tax consultants can help ensure your Form 990 story accurately reflects your dedication.

Tax Accounting:

  • Accounting Methods: We assist you in identifying tax saving opportunities by adopting or changing to specific accounting methods. Let us review your tax accounting methods to ensure that tax deductions are being maximized.
  • FAS 109: FAS 109 accounting for income taxes is one of the leading causes of financial statement restatements and has created a variety of issues for audit service providers with the introduction of FIN 48 (discussed below). Historically, many companies have sought the efficiency of having a same service provider for both audit and tax services. However, due to the increased emphasis of financial statement disclosure related to tax positions, a number of larger companies have sought the advice of a second service provider in order to reduce the potential for financial statement restatement. We have compiled a team comprised of audit and tax professionals who specialize on accounting for tax positions. We have found that a number of efficiencies can be achieved by having an independent FAS 109 consulting and tax return service provider working with your audit service provider.
  • FIN48: FIN 48, effective for fiscal years ending on December 31, 2007 and thereafter, prescribes a revised approach for the recognition, measurement, presentation, and disclosure of uncertain tax positions. The implementation of FIN 48 presents significant challenges to many organizations because it requires a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the issues. An early start to identifying areas of “uncertainty” and managing the overall process will be keys to successful implementation.


Plante Moran has served as auditors, tax advisors and more for FEV North America, Inc. ("FEV") for many years. The service level has been exemplary and the demonstrated expertise over a wide range of business topics has been impressive. While maintaining the requisite independence in judgment and action, Plante Moran has been a trusted partner in helping FEV find answers to its financial reporting, tax, and business issues. The entire staff at Plante Moran have excellent technical skills and, even more important, are focused on client service.

Richard Appleman, Executive Vice President and CFO
FEV North America Inc