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You will appreciate the IT assessment and planning tools that our technology professionals have created to help organizations develop a clear picture of where they are now and a roadmap to achieving greater efficiencies and effectiveness as a return on their IT investments. 

Information technology consulting

Technology consulting specialists to help you harness the power of IT for the success of your organization

More and more often managers are coming to our information technology consulting team with questions. Can they get more value from their existing IT systems or do they need new systems, they ask. Do they have the right staffing? And because they depend so heavily on their IT systems, how do they manage the risk?

They also talk about being squeezed between customers who want access to the latest capabilities and their budgets. You could say this pinch is because of the slow economy, but for several years now IT departments have been asked to do more with less. And through a wide array of services, including IT assessments, our information technology management consulting services have been successfully helping them increase the value they get from their technology investments, as well as improve IT processes and develop long-term strategies that make sure each new IT investment is the right one. 

Get a good return on your IT Investments

A survey by Computer Economics found 63 percent of the organizations surveyed would spend about the same on technology this year. 25 percent expect to spend less, and 12 percent expect to spend a bit more. We offer some suggestions to make the most of your IT investments.

IT assessment and strategic planning

Our technology consulting professionals have developed IT assessment and strategic planning tools that allow us to help clients develop a clear picture of where they are now and where they want to be in the future. Having an IT roadmap is important to achieving the efficiencies, effectiveness, and services that organizations expect as a return on their IT investments.

As a leader among management and technology consultants, our specialists at Plante & Moran bring a “business approach” to projects, so they help you support your strategic plans with suggested IT governance policies, administrative structures, and mechanisms to manage your technology investment and ensure accountability. 

Independent technology consulting representation is best

Due to their independence, our technology consulting team can be the partner you need to implement your plans. You can depend on team members to help you develop RFPs, analyze proposals, and get you the best IT solutions at reasonable prices. In other words, our experienced professionals help you filter through the noise and find the solutions that fit your unique situation. 

Securing your data: managing risk

Concerned business leaders are asking us how to secure the IT systems and networks they are increasingly dependent upon. They want to keep their customers’ personal information safe. And they want to ensure the validity and integrity of the information they and their customers depend on.

Our technology consulting team includes specialists in security assurance and privacy compliance (HIPAA, SAS70, PCI, and GLBA). They have developed industry-specific methodologies to help you assess your existing controls and locate areas of risk through comprehensive IT risk assessments. When risk potential is uncovered, they will also offer suggestions to correct the weaknesses. 

Always the technology consulting team is looking for ways to better harness the power of technology for the organizations we serve.

Assessment, Selection and Implementation

The Plante Moran IT consulting team is in a perfect position to help organizations with the strategic planning process. They know the products available – what’s new, what works – and they have experience helping a range of clients from governments, educational institutions, construction and real estate firms, to manufacturers and banks with IT solutions, including technology assessment, selection, and implementation consulting.


With upgrades your organization’s communications and networking could function more efficiently and effectively, but where can you turn for advice? You can depend on our experienced communications and networking consultants for cost-effective solutions.

ERP Consulting

If you are trying to decide if your organization could benefit from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, if you are looking for more value from your current system, or if you are shopping for a replacement ERP system, the ERP specialists on the Plante Moran technology consulting team can help you make an informed decision.

Information Security

We have a team devoted to information security issues. They carry professional certifications including Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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"If someone were to call me and ask what Plante Moran's technology specialists meant to the success of our video surveillance project, I'd begin by pointing out that they saved us more than 50 percent in vendor costs. Beyond that they gave us a sense of confidence that we were selecting the best new products to fit the needs of our district. They began working with us when we only had six buildings under surveillance, now we have all 29 of our buildings covered, utilizing the old equipment and supplementing it with new. I would say the Plante & Moran specialists I worked with are worth their weight in gold."

Kevin Galbraith, Executive Director of Technology
Wayne-Westland Community School District