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Business Continuity Planning

How long can your organization afford to be without its computer systems?

You will have a better answer to that question if you look at continuity planning as a business issue rather than only an information technology issue.

We find that when an IT department develops a business continuity plan, it often fails to consider the full range of business ramifications caused by a downed system.

To develop a more comprehensive plan, the business continuity planning consultants at Plante Moran will consult with all the departments in your organization to determine which data and applications are most critical and need to be recovered most quickly in a disaster. In other words, we will help them identify critical systems, processes, and functions, then assess your “pain threshold” — the length of time you can survive without access to systems, services, and facilities. 

“The business continuity planning process involves the recovery, resumption, and maintenance of the entire business, not just the technology component. While the restoration of IT systems and electronic data is important, recovery of these systems and data will not always be enough to restore business operations.”

Federal Financial Institutions
Examination Council (FFIEC)
Business Continuity Planning Handbook

Business continuity planning & industry knowledge

The business continuity planning consultants at Plante Moran have developed deep industry experience serving clients in health care and manufacturing and everything in between. That means when we are helping you look at your processes and determining how much downtime you can tolerate, we have the experience necessary to help you put the possibility of a disaster into a business prospective.

For you, we will develop a plan to facilitate the recovery of key resources following a disaster and to re-establish business operations at an acceptable level and timeframe to ensure the well-being of your organization. 

A proven methodology identifies threats

We have developed a proven methodology for helping you identify external and internal threats and the impact they will have on your organization. You will benefit from our threat analysis because we suggest preventive measures and dollars spent on prevention are always worth more than dollars spent in recovery.

You can rely on us to assess your business continuity plan against recommended or best practice standards, test it to ensure it works, and help you update it periodically to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

"If someone were to call me and ask what Plante Moran's technology specialists meant to the success of our video surveillance project, I'd begin by pointing out that they saved us more than 50 percent in vendor costs. Beyond that they gave us a sense of confidence that we were selecting the best new products to fit the needs of our district. They began working with us when we only had six buildings under surveillance, now we have all 29 of our buildings covered, utilizing the old equipment and supplementing it with new. I would say the Plante & Moran specialists I worked with are worth their weight in gold."

Kevin Galbraith, Executive Director of Technology
Wayne-Westland Community School District
Business Continuity Planning

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