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Network Security Assessment

Assessing your internal and external infrastructure vulnerabilities including penetration testing

While connectivity has transformed the way your organization does business, you are probably finding it also brings its own set of problems. For instance, there can be progress-stopping viruses, spam that saps employee productivity, and data breaches that could threaten your client relationships. 

What can you do to secure your business against so many threats?

You can turn to our skilled technology professionals for a security audit of your web applications and networks. They will use industry standard tools and the proven methodologies they have developed from their experience conducting audits for a range of businesses and not-for-profit organizations. 

Our assessment team will simulate threats

You can depend on technology consultants to look at internal and external threats. Internally, they will look at network infrastructure including servers, storage devices, and workstations. Externally, they will look at items like firewalls, routers, remote access, and war dialing.

Our security assessment team will simulate “hacker attacks” on two levels:

  • as a person outside your organization with little or no knowledge of your networks and applications
  • and, as a person with inside knowledge.

Recommendations for mitigating risk

You will benefit from our security assessment team’s thoroughness. The team’s work will provide substantive proof of your vulnerabilities and rank them in order of risk at high, medium, and low. They will also rank issues that have been identified, but do not pose a direct risk to systems or data.

Rankings help you prioritize your remediation efforts

For instance, in a recent assessment our assessment team was able to gain domain administrator access via a wireless network. The issue was a weak password. Part of their comprehensive recommendation began by suggesting the client think in passphrases rather than passwords.

To ensure the security of your web applications and networks and mitigate risk, you can depend on our information technology auditing team.

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