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Thrive amid uncertainty: How SNFs can emerge strong

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated trends that have been squeezing skilled nursing facility (SNF) providers for years — slim operating margins, sharply declining occupancy, rising costs, mounting public scrutiny, and competition from other care settings. Once the dust settles from the pandemic and demand rebounds, we’ll be living in a changed landscape, and providers will need to adapt to changing market conditions.

How can your skilled nursing facility emerge strong post-pandemic?

Hardworking caregivers and operational leaders have poured their hearts and souls into responding to the virus and caring for residents for the past year, leaving precious little time and energy for the kind of advance planning that will be required to navigate a post-COVID-19 future.

Now is the time to take a breath and return to core financial and operational management. Download your copy of “Thrive amid uncertainty: How SNFs can emerge strong” for our latest assessment of the SNF landscape and opportunities for improvement and growth. The report contains:

  • Thoughtful assessment of the landscape facing SNFs in early 2021, including analysis and commentary of 2020 trends in profitability, occupancy, hospital discharges, and staffing.
  • Strategic recommendations to help you identify and refine your value proposition and maintain or recapture market share.
  • A call to perform operational assessments to root out and correct problems in areas such as billing, collections, and staffing, while creating the capacity for growth into the future.

Position your SNF to emerge strong

View and download our skilled nursing facility report to find out what SNFs need to know right now to navigate a post-pandemic future.