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Digital transformation & strategies

How are you using technology to drive value to your organization? A digital strategy can transform stakeholder experiences using new tools and processes and get the most out of your tech investments.
Man standing in back tech room
6 min read
Is your IT department ready for the disruption ahead?
Not sure how your IT department is doing? What’s worked in the past doesn’t guarantee future success. If you’re setting IT priorities (and you should be!), here’s how to assess your IT department for the digital future.
Marvin Sauer
Article September 11, 2019 6 min read
Three buisness people looking at their analytics roadtrip.
5 min read
Growing into business analytics
There are several maturity stages within an organization’s data journey — from dipping your toes in the data sea, to leveraging advanced analytics techniques to drive innovation and market differentiation. Where are you on this journey — and where would you like to be?
Sean McBride
Article June 25, 2019 5 min read
20 min listen
Tim Deskin discusses data analytics on Denver's KOA News Radio

What is business analytics, how exactly does it work, and why’s it so important? Listen in as Tim Deskin explains on Denver’s KOA News Radio.

In The News June 17, 2019 20 min listen
Digital currency graphic displayed on a computer screen with additional charts.
60 min watch
Top 10 issues impacting the world of accounting and auditing

Discover the top 10 disruptions (predictions) in blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and digital assets for 2019.

Soma Sinha
Webinar March 21, 2019 60 min watch

Deep dive: How technology can transform your business

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