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Digital transformation in school districts

Man standing in back tech room
6 min read
Is your IT department ready for disruption?
Not sure how your IT department is doing? What’s worked in the past doesn’t guarantee future success. If you’re setting IT priorities (and you should be!), here’s how to assess your IT department for the digital future.
Marvin Sauer
Article June 1, 2021 6 min read
man sitting in dark at a desk
6 min read
IT Governance: Yours, Mine, or Ours?
A strong IT governance foundation is critical to technology and enterprise decision-making, but managing those decisions across departments, central IT, and shared domains is a challenge. Here’s how you can take a coordinated approach.
Ivy Anderson
Article April 1, 2021 6 min read
Business colleagues discussing optimizing value in the digital age.
6 min read
Public sector data analytics: Leverage data to make better decisions
Are you making full use of the data you collect? Here are some practical ways to gain the upper hand.
Mark Richards
Article October 1, 2020 6 min read
Woman sitting on a couch looking at some papers
1 min read
Optimization or transformation: Public sector ERP in a remote environment
In this session, we’ll provide tools for making enterprise software decisions in a remote environment, whether it is optimizing what you currently have or procuring new. We'll help you evaluate what factors to consider in your decision making.
Tracey Rau
Webinar September 15, 2020 1 min read

Deep dive: Technology strategies for school districts

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