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Global strategies for auto suppliers

Two professionals walking on a manufacturing plant floor
45 min watch
Ready or not: The USMCA is coming to replace NAFTA
USMCA will go into effect soon, and that’s big news for North American businesses. Our experts will discuss the major changes expected to affect the manufacturing industry, plus the steps you’ll need to prepare your business for implementation.
Lou Longo
Webinar April 29, 2020 45 min watch Upcoming
Group of professionals looking at glob on side walk
4 min read
The risks of staying in place: Five reasons to consider Mexico
Trade tensions, USMCA, supply chain disruption, and other factors are prompting manufacturers to rethink their footprint. Here are five reasons to consider Mexico.
Lou Longo
Article March 17, 2020 4 min read
Large boxes on warehouse floor
5 min read
U.S. factories are likely to close because of the coronavirus’ supply-chain shock
As stockpiled inventory from Chinese factories nears exhaustion, many U.S. assembly plants are now at risk of ceasing operations. Daron Gifford shares his perspective on the risks of just-in-time supply chains via MarketWatch.
Daron Gifford
Article March 16, 2020 5 min read
Cars in two rows
5 min read
Why global production numbers don’t always tell the full story
While production numbers appear grim for some auto suppliers, a deeper look suggests a bright future as the industry transitions to an electric future. Daron Gifford shares the optimistic view via Automotive News.
Daron Gifford
Article February 12, 2020 5 min read

Deep dive: Global strategies for auto suppliers

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