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Insights for owner-managed businesses

Having one good CEO isnt good enough image
2 min read
Having one good CEO isn’t good enough: Here’s what to do if you want your business to last
The key to seamless transitions, and organizational sustainability, is to find the best candidates (yes, plural) for leadership positions and fully prepare them, long before they assume their new roles. Here are some ideas for identifying your successors.
Gordon Krater
Article June 15, 2017 2 min read
Image of lock and person on computer
4 min read
Cybersecurity is like a sponge: Five ways to safeguard your data
Despite good intentions, IT infrastructure often seems more like a porous sponge than impenetrable vault. Hacks of all types are increasingly common, but these straightforward steps can help prevent them.
Sarah Pavelek
Article June 14, 2017 4 min read
Image of woman holding arrow
7 min read
Reaching a plateau in your business? Reignite growth.
All companies hit bumps along the road to growth. We can help.
Tim Weed
Article June 14, 2017 7 min read
Image of people shaking hands
4 min read
Leadership succession planning best practices: A C-suite guide for the future
A documented succession plan helps mitigate risk and ensure your organization's continuing success, yet many leaders struggle to develop one. Use these best practices and questions for a pain-free jump start on the process.
Steve Gravenkemper Ph.D.
Article June 12, 2017 4 min read

Deep dive: Insights for owner-managed businesses

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