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Managing risk

Is the evolving business landscape creating new risks for your business? We provide proactive solutions to embrace threats and turn them into opportunities. The world is changing. Protect your future.
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16 min read
Are you prepared for the next disruption? An enterprise risk management guidebook
Risk management is critical to every organization, yet many leaders don’t think seriously enough about it until it’s too late. Enterprise risk management helps mitigate risks and, ultimately, realize value. Our guidebook pulls back the curtain to show how.
Doug Farmer
White Paper July 27, 2020 16 min read
Inside of an empty office
4 min read
Back to the office: Tech tips for a successful COVID-19 restart
Do you have a plan to restart operations after the COVID-19 shutdown? Here’s how to prepare your facilities and technology for a smooth transition back to the workplace.
Rajiv Das
Article April 28, 2020 4 min read
Close-up photo of hands reaching out of a car at a drive-through restaurant chain to receive food bought.
6 min read
Ensure PCI compliance and minimize cybersecurity risk during the pandemic

The recent health crisis has led many organizations to modify payment processes and related PCI compliance activities, upping their cybersecurity risk. Consider these five actions to help your organization successfully maintain and attest to PCI-DSS compliance during, and after, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Angela Appleby
Article May 7, 2020 6 min read
Picture of a blurry man walking down a corridor with glass railing to his right.
5 min read
Fintech partnership risk: A checklist for financial institutions

Alliances with financial technology (fintech) companies can be transformative for financial institutions. But with benefits come significant risks, many of which may surprise you. Here’s a checklist for mitigating those exposures.

Troy Snyder
Article May 6, 2020 5 min read

Deep dive: Managing risk

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