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Prioritize clinical quality and patient satisfaction...while improving margins

It's important for your hospital or health system to optimize efficiency and margins while staying true to your mission. We help you understand the actions necessary for achieving operational excellence and making quality improvements that are sustainable over the long-term.
Image of a female doctor reviewing information on a tablet computer.
3 min read
Take our Operating Room Efficiency Assessment
Optimizing your operating room processes will improve quality of care, accountability, and resource management. What do your quality metrics reveal about the efficiency of your OR? Take our three-minute Operating Room Efficiency Assessment.
Article February 8, 2019 3 min read
Up close shot of a person working on their laptop with a stethoscope laying next to it.
4 min read
The power of analytics: How we improved patient outcomes and savings at Jackson Memorial Hospital
Our custom analytics have saved Jackson Health System nearly 3 million dollars while improving patient outcomes. Find out how at Miami Herald.
Chris Moshier
In The News October 21, 2019 4 min read
Image of surgeon in blue scrubs in an operating room.
4 min read
Have you compared your operating room performance to industry benchmarks?
Optimized block schedules and industry benchmarks can help you make important decisions. How does your operating room’s key performance indicators stack up? Consider these six questions as you compare your OR to your competitors.
Sharon Ulep
Article October 24, 2019 4 min read
Image of medical personnel performing a procedure in an operating room.
15 minute listen
Key metrics to improve your operating room utilization
When it comes to making lasting improvements in your operating room utilization, are you where you want to be? Our podcast discusses how data analytics can be used to improve the metrics that drive your success in the OR.
Chris Moshier
Podcast February 8, 2019 15 minute listen

How do your operating room metrics compare?
Take our three-minute assessment.

Deep dive: Prioritize clinical quality and patient satisfaction...while improving margins

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