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Tax strategies

Photo of two people working on tax paperwork together.
5 min read
2017 Year-end tax planning: Our top tips for businesses
Year-end tax planning for businesses always involves a certain level of complexity, but trying to plan for the law we have now as well as the law we might have soon makes this year particularly challenging.
Jerry Jonckheere
Article October 4, 2017 5 min read
Photo of man working on tax paperwork.
5 min read
2017 Year-end tax planning: Our top tips for individuals
With the likelihood for comprehensive tax reform arguably at its highest in years, now is an optimal time for individuals to position themselves for change. Here are 10 ways to optimize year-end planning.
Jerry Jonckheere
Article October 2, 2017 5 min read
Photo of skyscraper with American flags out front.
9 min read
Tax reform framework: Our analysis
It’s too early to make final judgments, but the proposed Big Six framework seems to yield a few clear winners, a few clear losers, and a lot of questions. Here's our analysis.
Stephen Eckert
Article September 28, 2017 9 min read
Stones in water
1 min read
Where angels fear to tread: An essay on tax legislation
Many states are finding that their governments (and voters) aren’t as divided as they are at the federal level. What will this mean going forward?
William W. Henson
Blog July 07, 2017 1 min read

Deep dive: Tax strategies

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