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Future of mobility

Busy streets in a city at night.
4 min read read
Amazon's search for HQ2 site should drive new thinking about transportation
Should cities use the competition to land Amazon's new headquarters to reimagine transportation needs for the future? We think so. Read more at The Business Journals.
Daron Gifford
Article October 18, 2017 4 min read read
closeup of city road with modern skyscrapers in the background
2 min read
Auto suppliers must learn to drive change or watch the industry pass them by
Parts makers, a once relatively stable business, will need to be increasingly nimble as the car companies and technology giants wrestle over the automobiles and trucks of the future.
Daron Gifford
Article June 16, 2017 2 min read
Crash test dummy driving a car
6 min read
The self-driving car: Science fiction or reality?
Can OEMs deliver autonomous vehicles and still keep cars affordable? Combining self-driving technologies with ride- and vehicle-sharing may lower costs and speed the reality of sci-fi-like mobility. 
Daron Gifford
Article April 28, 2017 6 min read
Two men and technology
2 min read
Mobility technology advances reroute supplier strategies
Advances in mobility technology and shifting consumer preferences are changing the traditional vehicle ownership model in major ways. Here's a snapshot of the trends you need to understand to adapt and thrive.
Daron Gifford
Article April 27, 2017 2 min read

Deep dive: Future of mobility

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