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Connected manufacturing: Top floor to shop floor

Presented By:
Doug Hockenbrocht
Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018
2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EDT
Join Plex for a webinar that will teach you how some of the world’s foremost manufacturers use technology to improve and grow their businesses.

Man working on a shop floor in connected manufacturing

The promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is to enable manufacturers to make better, more informed decisions that drive smarter courses of action. So how does this come about on the shop floors of today’s innovative manufacturers? What does true IoT within the factory look like?

Join Plex for their webinar, Connected Manufacturing: From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor. Stu Johnson, Plex’s director of product marketing, will discuss how the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will enable manufacturers to make better, more informed decisions – in turn, driving smarter courses of action.

Discussion points of the webinar include:

  • Innovative examples of IoT on the shop floor
  • What true IoT within a factory looks like
  • Capturing, digitizing and automating shop floor data and activities
  • How to apply IoT across your business

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