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Daron Gifford Yusuke Kuramochi Yoshio Shibazaki
April 30, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis, US manufacturing and distribution companies need to think “resume.” Preparation begins with a well-planned roadmap, accurate forecasts and revised financial plans, and thinking beyond current state to new-normal operations. Here’s how to hit the ground running. View our on-demand Japanese webinar. 

Warehouse worker checking inventory on warehouse shelves. North American manufacturing and sales companies are currently facing an unprecedented crisis due to the coronavirus. The Plant Moran Japanese Business Service team held a webinar on Thursday, April 30, entitled "Corona Crisis Recovery Roadmap". We closely monitor the scenarios of manufacturing and sales companies such as North American auto parts manufacturers on a daily basis. In this presentation, we touch on the impact on North American autoparts manufacturers in particular, and discuss some scenarios of post-Corona "reconstruction plans."

Learning objectives:

  • Providing a potential market scenario by prolonging forced social distances due to the corona crisis.
  • Considering the most important business areas to survive during a business closure due to the corona crisis.
  • Presented concrete measures for global supply chain and business disruption following the post-corona crisis recovery.