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Daron Gifford Yusuke Kuramochi Yoshio Shibazaki
May 27, 2020

Restarting your business after the COVID-19 crisis will require significant changes to your usual day-to-day business functions. Our experts will guide you through a structured plan to reinitiate your business operations and avoid future disruptions. 

Image of a shipping and receiving worker standing nearby a loading dock.The COVID-19 crisis has closed much of the U.S. economy for weeks, but with the promise of a restart on the horizon, it’s time for businesses to prepare to resume operations. But it won’t be as simple as returning to business as usual — you’ll need new strategies to navigate a changed landscape.

Join our experts as they walk you through the restart phase, and take a closer look at leadership, people, and customer relationships. Our short webinar will help you prepare for a reopened economy without missing a beat and offer guidance on protecting yourself against future disruptions.

Learning objectives:

  • Developing your restart plan
  • Building trust in your people
  • Crisis communication management
  • Potential changes to everyday business procedures