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October 21, 2020
There are several GASB updates coming over the next few years, and now is the time to prepare. This educational session will walk you through the upcoming changes and help you prepare.
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GASB standards and their implementation can be complex. With effective dates on the horizon, it’s important for organizations to understand the standards and their implications. In this session, we’ll introduce upcoming GASB standards that will be applicable in the next few years, and help you understand how the latest financial reporting developments will affect your organization. We’ll also provide insight regarding other current GASB projects that may have an impact in the future. Note that this session will only cover GASB 84 and GASB 87 at a very high level, as we will provide a deeper dive into these standards in separate webinars.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand new GASB standards applicable in the coming years.
  • Understand upcoming GASB projects and how they will impact financial reporting.
  • Identify timeline and steps to take to prepare for the implementation of the standards.


  • Amanda Cronk, manager
  • Danny Sklenicka, manager


  • Sean Hickey, senior manager

Format: Audio with slides

Cost: No fee

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