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May 11, 2021

Are you up to speed with GASB’s latest updates? GASB has two robust ongoing projects, as well as several upcoming due process documents.

Two businesspeople in a conference room leaning over a desk reviewing notes.GASB standards and their implementation can be complex. In this session, we’ll provide insight on these projects and their future impacts. We’ll also introduce upcoming standards, help you to understand how they will affect your organization, and provide implementation best practices and strategies. Finally, we’ll lay out the updated implementation timeline for existing standards given the delay of the pandemic. Note that this session will only cover GASB 87 at a very high level, as we will delve deeper into this standard in a separate webinar.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand upcoming GASB projects and how they will impact financial reporting.
  • Understand future GASB standards.
  • Identify and explore a timeline and strategies to prepare for the implementation of the standards.


  • Katie Thornton, partner
  • Chris Geck, principal


  • Marie Stiegel, senior manager

Format: Audio with slides

Cost: No fee

Find our full webinar series here: