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Webinar for Japanese-owned U.S. companies: State income, franchise, and gross receipt tax basics

Presented By:
Hiro Kishinaka Adam Garn
Tuesday, July 13, 2021
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. EDT

Sales tax is not the only tax that businesses need to be aware of when operating within a state. In this webinar, we’ll explain other taxes to be aware of, who they apply to, risk mitigation tactics, and more.

Business professional working at their kitchen table with a laptop and a notepad.Several states have experienced budget shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now, they’re getting increasingly aggressive in proper filing and collection of income, franchise, and gross receipt taxes. We will help you gain an understanding of when a business may be subject to an income, franchise, and gross receipt tax in this webinar.

We’ll also explain the differences between a sales tax and income, franchise, and gross receipt tax as well as when a business may be subject to either of them. We will discuss income tax nexus and the protections of PL 86-272 allotted to certain taxpayers. Finally, we will review commonly overlooked gross receipt taxes and methods on how to mitigate risk on past due or unfiled tax returns.

Learning objectives: 

  • Obtain an understanding of the basics of state income, franchise, and gross receipt taxes.
  • Learn the differences between a state sales tax, income tax, franchise tax, and gross receipt tax.
  • Explore common examples of states that impose a gross receipt tax.
  • Learn the basics of income tax nexus and PL 86-272.   
  • Learn methods to mitigate risk on underpayment of any income, franchise, or gross receipt tax.


  • Keely Cox, manager, State and Local Tax – Denver 
  • Adam Garn, senior manager, State and Local Tax – Columbus
  • Hiro Kishinaka, principal, Japanese Business Services – Columbus

Live webinar in English and Japanese (live presentation and Q&A) 


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