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While you’re away

July 19, 2013 Blog 1 min read

Recently, Plante Moran IT Consulting Partner Raj Patel penned an eight-week guest blog on cybersecurity for Crain’s Detroit Business. He did a heck of a job, writing about everything from how to use social media safely to how to protect your organization from hackers to cyberterrorism.

His eighth blog, which just ran last week, is particularly timely. Titled “While You’re Away; How to Disconnect Safely,” it’s all about how to protect your technologies—computers, mobile devices, etc.—while you’re disconnected. Raj is getting ready to take his partner sabbatical, which requires him to disconnect fully from the firm for 30 days, so he developed a checklist of everything to do to ensure his information is protected. Some of the items are fairly obvious—change your passwords, clean out your email inbox so emails don’t get rejected due to capacity issues while you’re gone, etc. Others, however, aren’t quite so intuitive. This checklist should be valuable for anyone who’s planning time away, whether it’s a family vacation or a maternity or medical leave.

So take a look. It’s well worth the time spent. After all, you’d never go on vacation without ensuring your home was protected. These days, it’s equally important to protect your IT.

What kinds of IT precautions do you typically take when going on vacation? Do you disconnect completely, or do are you still accessible by mobile devices?

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