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January 1, 2015 Article 1 min read

More than 400 business leaders participated in Plante Moran’s 2014 Innovation Survey and confirmed a strong, positive culture is paramount for successful innovation and increased revenue. Why? Because culture is key for supporting one of the main drivers of innovation: employees.

Don’t shelve innovation in 2015! Answer these 12 questions to identify strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve your culture, and elevate innovation.

  1. Would your employees say it’s a great place to work?
  2. Does your leadership team make innovation a priority?
  3. Do you currently invest in innovation?
  4. Do your employees feel welcome to speak up with new ideas?
  5. Do you currently offer paid training and educational opportunities for employees?
  6. Do you receive actionable, innovative ideas from your employees?
  7. Do you currently promote technology to aide in collaboration and/or work tasks?
  8. Have your employee work spaces and collaboration spaces been redesigned in the past five years?
  9. Do you have a formal employee recognition program?
  10. Do you regularly engage with your employees in person to thank or congratulate them on a great idea or a job well done?
  11. Have you introduced a new employee perk or benefit in the last year?
  12. Do you say “yes” to new ideas from your employees?

So, how does your culture score? If you answered “yes” to 10 or more questions, congratulations—you get a gold star.