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App of the month: rSmart’s One.UMD

August 4, 2015 Article 1 min read
Danielle DeLonge
Learning to navigate the myriad services offered at any college campus can be cumbersome to say the least, and in an effort to try and combat this, many institutions have chosen to develop their own apps. From the University of Arizona in the South to Wayne State University in Southeast Michigan, today’s college students often have many choices when it comes to interacting with resources at school. Now that campus technology has brought students this far, what’s next? 
The University of Maryland, in partnership with rSmart and Internet2, has offered a platform that is a step ahead: it feels more like a store than a portal or a pure play app. By combining all its campus services in one spot, One.UMD allows easy access to what students, faculty, and staff use most. The app’s display can be customized to keep frequently accessed services readily available, list the most frequently visited sites, and allow users to search. 
Available from any device, this new platform replaces the University’s portal and provides access to roughly 130 services in a more recognizable interface. The OneCampus platform is available to Internet2 NET+ partner organizations that will help rSmart continue to refine the platform to the specifications of higher education institutions.

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