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Jane Belt Judy Vogel
January 19, 2016 Article 1 min read
Surveyors are asking facilities to name the quality project the facility has selected to implement. Be prepared, and move forward with the selected project so you can meet required the required deadlines.

It has been a bit confusing, but Ohio providers are dealing with two different programs with very similar names. The information below pertains to one part of Ohio’s quality initiatives called the Quality Improvement Projects.

As part of Ohio's nursing home quality initiative, each licensed nursing home in the state must participate every two years in at least one quality improvement project approved by the Ohio Department of Aging.

We are aware that Ohio Department of Health surveyors are asking each facility during the standard annual survey the name of the project the facility has selected to put into place.

The current approved projects are:

Each of the above projects has an information sheet which provides details about the project, how to join, a description of required activities to participate, dates of the project, and what is needed to provide evidence of participation in the project.

Check out the Ohio Long Term Care Quality Initiative website. Be prepared when the surveyors ask. Plus, push forward with your facility’s selected project so you can meet the deadlines.

Please contact your Plante Moran consultant to discuss further.