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July 05, 2016 Article 10 min read
You may be overlooking important real estate considerations, costing you money, time, and frustration. Download our e-book to learn how to effectively plan for and execute a successful real estate transaction.
real estate transaction

Planning and executing a real estate transaction involves hundreds of hidden pitfalls ready to waylay an unsuspecting executive. Nevertheless, we find even the savviest executives may overlook important real estate considerations — costing them money, time, and frustration that could have been avoided.

Learn how to evade a variety of common mistakes associated with leasing and moving into a new space by downloading Plante Moran Cresa’s e-book, "10 Things Most Executives Miss in a Real Estate Transaction." >>

In this e-book, Plante Moran Cresa gives practical advice and actionable tips that will help you:

  • Approach space planning with a mind for the future
  • Build flexibility into your lease and space so you can quickly react to changes in the market and your business
  • Mitigate some of the cost and risk associated with moving and entering into a lease contract
  • And, ultimately, effectively plan for and execute a successful real estate transaction

Get your copy now >>

Questions about your next real estate transaction? I'd be glad to help. Let's start a conversation today >>