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Is your organization ready for enhanced 911?

July 11, 2016 Article 1 min read
Multiline telephone system and private branch exchange owners and operators in Michigan have until 2019 to comply with the new rule. Now is the time to verify compliance, plan, budget, and implement any necessary changes.

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On Friday June 24, 2016, Governor Rick Snyder signed bill SB 878, which is now PA 244, to extend the deadline for E911 compliance to December 31, 2019. This new bill provides all multi-line telephone system (MLTS) or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) operators/owners in Michigan a reprieve from the previous deadline of December 2016 and allows organizations more time to become compliant. All MLTS/PBX operators/owners in Michigan are required to comply with this rule or face fines of $500 to $5,000 per offense.

E911 technology ensures a caller’s callback number and location information are delivered to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), the call centers answering emergency calls and dispatching emergency services. While many organizations operate a MLTS or PBX, many are out-of-date and fail to provide accurate location information.

Regardless of whether the phone system is installed onsite or hosted by a provider, this legislation obligates operators/owners of a MLTS or PBX to route callback numbers and specific location information to the appropriate PSAP when 911 is dialed.

If you’re unsure if your organization’s phone system is in compliance, check with your phone system vendor. Ask

If you’re unsure if your organization’s phone system is in compliance, check with your phone system vendor. Ask them to provide evidence that the model and level of software installed is compliant with Michigan’s Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) Rules 484.901-484.906 regarding the provision of 911 service over MLTS/PBX systems.

If your organization is not in compliance, you may need to replace the system, upgrade the software, or make design and configuration adjustments to the current MLTS/PBX. Now is the time to verify compliance, so if a replacement is necessary, there’s time to plan, budget, and implement changes before December 2019.

More information regarding the E911 rules and guidelines can be found at the following sites:

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