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Best practices for ERP system selection

April 25, 2017 Podcast 11 minute listen
Adam Rujan
You've decided to update your ERP system, but which system should you select? This podcast will walk you through some criteria that will help you identify the best system for your needs.

staff presenting info to team using technological media 

Join Adam Rujan, partner, Tracey Rau and Mike Riffle, senior consultants, from our Government Technology Consulting team as they share ideas and insights based on their first-hand client experiences and industry best practices. This series is designed to help governments ensure they get the most out of their IT investments.

In the third installment, our experts discuss the system selection process. When selecting a new ERP system a Government needs to identify which software systems will best match its current needs, while being flexible enough to match the organizations future needs, strategic plans, and goals.

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