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October 13, 2017 Article 1 min read
Our latest Market Perspectives provide timely economic and financial expertise on emerging trends and issues that are top of mind with our clients.

Man reading newspaper.Executive Summary

  •  September was another positive month for domestic equities, particularly small caps, with all U.S. benchmarks gaining ground and adding to their year-to-date returns.
  • On the international front, stocks in developed markets made gains, while emerging markets slipped fractionally. Overseas equities are still outperforming their domestic counterparts by a significant margin in 2017.
  • Fixed income returns were mixed: most bond indices edged lower as the yield curve steepened, although high-yield bonds made headway in the more risk-on environment.
  • The second quarter GDP estimate was revised slightly upward, to 3.1%, confirming the previous assessment that the economy grew at a faster pace following a lackluster start to the year.
  • As expected, the Fed announced that starting in October, the central bank will begin the process of gradually unwinding its balance sheet. Investors largely shrugged off the news, which was in line with expectations.

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