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Before starting a senior living capital improvement or development project, you must understand the trends in your target market. Our Market Snapshot reports offer the data you need.

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Understanding the trends in your target market is essential to determining whether your senior living capital improvement or development project will be successful.

In our quarterly Market Snapshot reports, we offer an overview of six key data points for target metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the United States. We then benchmark these points against regional and national data so you can understand the macro senior living trends affecting your organization.

Download this quarter’s Senior Living Market Snapshots

This quarter we’re highlighting Akron, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Download the reports below:

Akron MSA

Download the Akron MSA Market Snapshot >>

Chicago MSA

Download the Chicago MSA Market Snapshot >>

Louisville MSA

Download the Louisville MSA Market Snapshot >>

Pittsburgh MSA

Download the Pittsburgh MSA Market Snapshot >>

Do you have senior living market questions or requests for specific reports?

Do you have questions about the data in these reports? We are here to help. We’ve provided market data and analysis to clients in more than 200 market studies to help senior living communities like yours plan for their capital projects. Contact us to learn how these numbers affect your community.