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Our brief yet comprehensive Market Snapshot reports will help you understand the trends affecting your senior living organization so you can effectively plan for your next capital improvement or development project.

Q2 2017 Senior Living Market Trends Study

While it's easy to speculate the health of, and activity in, a particular senior housing market based on what's around us, concrete data needs to play a leading role in the capital improvement and development decisions we make.

In our quarterly Market Snapshot reports, we debunk assumptions with data by diving into the statistical figures affecting a variety of metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). This quarter, we highlight the Atlanta, Chicago, and Columbus MSAs.

In these reports, we present senior living market data on an individual MSA level and then benchmark those data points alongside comparable markets and the MSA's region to see how they compare.

After reading this report, you will understand:

  • Where occupancy rates currently stand, why they are changing, and how they compare to regional averages
  • What your current absorption rate levels are, and what they indicate for occupancy and current unit supply in the market
  • How many units are currently under construction as compared to inventory
  • What the current level of industry unemployment rates are, and how that affects employee turnover, retention, and attracting new talent

Download the reports

Download the Atlanta MSA Market Snapshot >>

Download the Chicago MSA Market Snapshot >>

Download the Columbus MSA Market Snapshot >>

Questions? Let us know.

Do you have questions regarding the data presented in these reports? We are here to help. Contact us to learn more about how these numbers affect your community. 

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