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May 26, 2017 White Paper 37 min read
ERP successes are significant, real, and even calculable.

Image of people working for the 2017 Public ERP Whitepaper

Maximizing opportunities for ERP success requires careful planning, an engaged team of executives acting on behalf of a committed administration, and a thorough understanding as to the risks involved and strategies to address them.

What's inside

Were it just about selecting a robust software platform, public ERPs would be straightforward and predictable. But while software drives the engine of an ERP system, its success depends more on people and processes than technology — that is, people willing to adapt their processes to align with the changes that accompany every new ERP software solution.

Join Scott Eiler, Partner, as he discusses:

  • The current state of ERPs in the Public Sector
  • So why go through an ERP replacement project?
  • ERP Tools and technologies
  • Pitfalls and best practices by ERP phase

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