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Ivy Anderson is proof that a black belt can lead to better business skills

August 16, 2018 Podcast 20 min listen
Ivy Anderson
Ivy Anderson is an information technology guru. She’s also a third-degree Tae Kwon Do black belt and has her own photo-essay blog. How do these interests make her a stronger client server? Find out now via John Garrett’s Green Apple Podcast.

Photo of Ivy Anderson

John Garrett scours the accounting profession for what he refers to as “green apples”— rock star professionals who stand out at work by focusing on being different in order to get ahead. So when he learned about Ivy Anderson — technology consulting guru, Tae Kwon Do black belt, and photography enthusiast with her own photo essay blog — it was only a matter of time before he invited her to participate in his Green Apple Podcast.

In this 20-minute discussion, Ivy discusses:

  • Plante Moran’s culture of work-life balance and encouraging staff to “bring their whole selves to work.”
  • Practice development tips. “People buy from people,” she emphasizes, so you can’t underestimate the value of personal relationships.
  • The “individual” vs. the “consummate professional.” “So much of the time, people advise us to talk about our credentials, to present ourselves as the ‘consummate professional’ and not necessarily disclose the people we are behind our resumes.”
  • The importance of being present in the moment and how that’s made her a more effective client server.
Check out some of Ivy’s photography at, or follow her on Instagram at @eyevpointofview.

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