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This quarter’s Midwest and Southeast Market Snapshot reports highlight the importance of understanding senior living market data before opening or expanding into a market.

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Before opening or expanding into a market, providers and developers must look carefully at the data trends in their target market. This quarter, we offer overviews of the two Midwestern and two Southeastern metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs):

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Orlando, Florida

Highlights from our Senior Living Market Snapshot reports

Senior living trends in occupancy, inventory growth, and construction can help inform expansion or repositioning decisions. Here’s a sneak peek of these data trends from our Market Snapshot reports:

  • Independent living and assisted living occupancy in the Ann Arbor and Chicago MSAs has dropped recently.
  • Except for improved assisted living occupancy in the Orlando MSA, the Atlanta and Orlando MSAs show slightly lower or stable occupancy for independent living and assisted living in their markets.
  • Independent living and assisted living absorption, inventory growth, and construction figures are high in the Chicago and Atlanta MSAs. Senior living communities considering construction should have a market study conducted to determine what kinds of units can be supported.
  • Independent living and assisted living absorption was negative in the Ann Arbor MSA, which also shows no construction or inventory growth.
  • The Orlando MSA saw a drop in all of its independent living figures; its assisted living absorption increased even with negative inventory growth this quarter.
  • Chicago and Atlanta are the top MSAs for most units under construction in their respective regions.

Get the full reports

Our Market Snapshot reports identify benchmarks and developing senior living trends that can help guide your strategic decisions. Download the reports at the link below: