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Before jumping into a booming senior housing market, consider these five steps to plan effectively and mitigate risk throughout the development process.

Architect and construction workers on a senior living construction site

Prior to jumping into a busy senior housing market filled with new entrants, it’s important for owners and operators to consider everything from what they can afford to build to how the project will be constructed. Failing to account for every detail can increase the risk to your organization.

In this white paper, you’ll uncover five important ways to mitigate risk as you plan for your next senior housing development project. We’ll show you how to:

  • Develop project scope that you can actually afford
  • Avoid the hidden risks in the development process
  • Assemble the right project team for a successful construction project
  • Account for the complexities of the development process
  • Structure your contracts and delivery method to properly address risk

Download the white paper