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March 13, 2019 Article 2 minute read
Plante Moran recently hired its first diversity and inclusion leader. Why? Because continued progress requires more than part-time efforts from passionate staff.

Photo of Regan Hall

Over the last 15 years, Plante Moran’s Diversity Council (DC) has made significant strides supporting diversity-recruiting initiatives and creating a pipeline for diverse talent throughout the firm. The DC delivered the steady advocacy and guidance our growing firm needed to embrace and manage human differences.

With that growth, our leaders recognized that diversity initiatives needed to go to the next level. Continued progress would require more than what could be accomplished on a part-time basis by passionate staff. As a result, enter Regan Hall, the firm’s first diversity and inclusion (D&I) leader.

So, why did we choose Regan? As Eshe Dotson, director of talent selection and development, points out, “It’s clear that Regan is passionate about helping organizations become better global citizens, and that’s important for Plante Moran as we expand our reach. We need to share best practices, scale processes, and develop consistent aligned strategies. Having Regan as our D&I leader, we hope Plante Moran will become a leader in this space.”

As for Regan, she was thrilled to be a pioneer at Plante Moran. “What really excited me was the chance to be the first person in this role and, therefore, set our strategy,” Regan said. “I wanted a position where I felt I could engage with and invest in our local communities. I’m interested in understanding what initiatives are scalable for Plante Moran. I’m also eager to partner with the Diversity Council to determine what makes the most sense for Plante Moran leaders and staff.”

It’s easy to be diverse but not be inclusive, but it’s nearly impossible to say, “I’m highly inclusive but not very diverse.”

First on Regan’s agenda will be managing the numerous efforts under the diversity umbrella, as we have a lot of grass-roots activity that could really take off with a more unified approach. However, that’s just one of Regan’s areas of focus. “Regan will also be focusing on rebranding the Diversity Council,” says Management Team Member Chris McCoy. “We always say ‘diversity and inclusion,’ but in my mind, it’s really ‘inclusion and diversity.’ It’s easy to be diverse but not be inclusive, but it’s nearly impossible to say ‘I’m highly inclusive but not very diverse.’”

Inclusivity is a topic close to Regan’s heart. When she lived in Houston, she partnered with a few friends to create a nonprofit that provided stipends to underrepresented girls going to college. “We were able to support 10 young women on their path to college,” she said. “Some have gone on for advanced degrees, but all have graduated with their bachelor’s degree and doing very well.”

We’re very excited to see what Regan has in store for Plante Moran as we build the competitive, inclusive, and diverse workplace that’s needed in 2020 and beyond.