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March 12, 2019 Article 1 min read

Are salary demands making it harder for your healthcare organization to recruit and retain skilled staff? Leading providers are thinking beyond compensation by creating a winning culture and creatively finding cost savings to make more money available for staffing. Read more in FierceHealthcare.

Group of nurses and doctors sitting together reviewing notes.

Ask any health system administrator what’s giving them work-related heartburn, and most will mention their struggles to hire and retain the best clinical staff. A combination of macroeconomic factors and industry-specific challenges has created a perfect storm for hospital staffing, which accounts for more than half the operating costs of running a health system.

The U.S. unemployment rate has hovered around 4% for over a year, and only a small fraction of those looking for work are likely skilled staff such as clinicians. And it makes sense that doctors and nurses are in short supply because of a rapidly aging population and the growing need for chronic disease management.