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March 14, 2019 Article 1 min read
Why did Sherry spend 45 years with Plante Moran? Two words: flexibility and family.

Photo of Sherry Kunkel

When Sherry Kunkel joined the firm, back in 1973, a gallon of gas cost about 45 cents. Minimum wage was $1.60/hour. Nixon was president. The VCR — nevermind Netflix — was a mere twinkle in someone's eye.

And, Plante Moran Co-Founder Frank Moran was firm managing partner. Sherry remembers how he had her on the 1970s version of speed dial. “I sat in a cubicle with three other admins. We had a buzzer that let us know if someone needed us. One buzz meant Frank needed his assistant, Mary Jane. Two buzzes meant he needed me — to make and deliver his coffee.” Frank preferred his coffee with cream, and it was Sherry’s duty to deliver him the proper colored cup. The ‘70s, ladies and gentlemen.

Fast-forwarding nearly a half a century, Sherry is amazed at how things have changed despite, in many ways, staying the same. “More than 3,000 staff across four states and four countries,” she marvels. “Yet, I absolutely feel that Frank’s legacy lives on. I see it in the way we’ve retained our core values. In how we connect and inspire one another at the annual Firm Conference. And, in our open-door policy. No matter what, I know I can talk to my manager about any issue. That’s pretty special.”

Sherry (second from right) joins her friends and family to celebrate her milestone anniversary at her home office in Southfield.

Forty-five years is a long time to work for one firm. However, Sherry never thought about leaving. “My dad was a partner here. He enjoyed his job so much. Everyone was nice and accepting. Even looking back 20 or 30 years, I knew if I left, I wouldn’t have the flexibility anywhere else.”

Please join us in congratulating Sherry on 45 great years with Plante Moran.