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September 23, 2019 Article 6 minute read
The insurance industry won’t be immune to disruptive technology, as certain applications are continuing to expand to companies all over the country. Prepare now to use blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other technology. Read more at IASA eInterpreter.

Photo of disruptive technologyDisruptive technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence have entered our society’s collective consciousness over the last couple years, but for all we’ve heard about how much they’re going to change everything, many of us have yet to see it in the workplace (if you have, kudos to your organization!). You may doubt that it’s going to happen at all, but the reality is that you’re probably already using some form of a disruptive technology in your daily life, as applications of these technologies are expanding beyond the bounds of Silicon Valley to companies all over the country. Soon, they’ll likely be part of normal operations in the insurance industry, so read about what this means for you before new tech takes over. 

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