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April 28, 2020 1 min read
Resuming your manufacturing operations during the COVID-19 crisis and resetting your ERP system can be challenging. Ask these questions to assess your plans, systems, and data and ensure a smooth, profitable restart. Read more on

robot armFull and partial shutdowns. Global supply-chain disruption. Reduced demand. Manufacturers are beginning to resume operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic in a “new normal” world. 

But restarting your organization — both your operations and your ERP or MES system — can pose challenges, and determining the steps to take can be difficult after an unprecedented lapse. Manufacturers must assess their systems and data across their operation, from their order fulfillment and production control functions to human resources and accounting. 

Asking the right questions is critical to identifying next steps and to a smart, efficient restart — and to future profitability and growth. Our Plex smart manufacturing experts offer guidance as you resume operations. Ask your leadership team and plant managers these questions to get your manufacturing plant off to a successful restart.

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