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April 20, 2020 Article 4 min read

As construction projects nationwide are thrown into doubt amid the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders need to focus on big-picture strategies and prepare for multiple outcomes. Here are six steps to get through the crisis via Constructor Magazine

Empty and bare office space with a view of windows looking out at a city skyline. After a decade of strong economic conditions, many construction executives had started to think seriously about a downturn. But no one saw COVID-19 coming or its downward thrust on the economy, which could deliver an even sharper short-term blow to the industry than the 2008 recession.

As with many business sectors, the construction industry today feels very different from just a month ago. Projects all over the country have been thrown into doubt, both for financial reasons and over concerns that work sites could help spread the virus. 

COVID-19: Adapt faster, emerge stronger.