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Six steps to becoming a cybersecurity-savvy board member

March 12, 2021 Article 4 min read
Raj Patel

Board directors are under increasing regulatory and legal pressure to ensure that clients and their companies are protected from a cyber breach. In Corporate Board Member, Raj Patel outlines six steps to guard against cyberattacks and prevent a worst-case scenario.

Businessperson working in an office alone at night.Until a crisis erupts, cybersecurity issues don’t get a lot of attention in many corporate board rooms. The topic is often viewed as a box to be checked while directors devote their real focus to the business’s core financial numbers and goals.

Based on my experience interacting with a variety of boards on cybersecurity threats, I’d give them an overall C grade on their level of knowledge, preparedness, and engagement.

That’s simply not good enough anymore.

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