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Find the right staff with ExpressAssess talent assessments

July 28, 2021 Assessment 6 min read
Stan Hannah

Our ExpressAssess turnkey service is a data-driven assessment that improves hiring accuracy and reduces turnover by identifying essential manager-behavioral traits and aptitudes for success.

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Rapidly changing market conditions are forcing hiring managers and recruiters to increase their hiring pace while meeting the painstaking challenge of screening and finding candidates who will excel in their roles. Our ExpressAssess service provides near-instant results that can help you make immediate talent decisions quickly and confidently, build a continuous talent pipeline, and identify a robust bench of future leadership talent aligned with your organization’s goals. Talk to a talent expert now and start hiring the right talent, in the right roles, at the right time.

Is ExpressAssess right for you?

Our ExpressAssess talent assessment provides everything you need to hire, onboard, and develop talent at scale, enabling your organization to succeed today and prepare for the future.

Do you have:

  • Difficulty hiring the right talent the first time around?
  • Economical, structured, and automated process for evaluating candidates?
  • Actionable information to help your hiring managers integrate your new talent?
  • Standardized process that aligns candidate observations among leaders, interviewers, and recruiters?

Learn how ExpressAssess can help your organization achieve sustainable growth by hiring, motiving, and retaining top talent.

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